The Mission
Our relentless dedication to providing the highest quality of customer service to existing and future homeowners.

We believe that extraordinary customer service begins with our agents. With this commitment in mind, we equip them with technology, tools & training for personal growth.

Through our proprietary platform, we go beyond the initial search, guiding existing and future homeowners throughout the entire home-buying process. We’ll help you explore properties according to your requirements, & then represent you when you make an offer, during negotiations & throughout the closing process.

Equipped with unique tools, our local experts will give you more in your real estate endeavour. More neighbourhood data, more properties, sales price history & local trends. Experience it for yourself. The more information at your disposal, the more assured you’ll be that it’s the home for you.

Mid 2016
  • Launched our unique match-making marketplace for Agents and Buyers/Tenants
  • Launched Home-Owners direct listing
  • Launched media platform called
  • 1,500+ Owners listed
  • 700+ Partner Agents
  • 5,000+ listings
  • 7,000 matches
  • 30% conversion (people who buyers/tenants)
  • Launched
  • Established Pepite Real Estate Agency
  • Internal CRM
  • Backend Marketing Tools
  • 8 in-house Local Experts (Agents) and growing (Oct 2019)
  • Over RM2 bil listing value tracked